BakerMesh Sand Control Screens

Prevent sand production with economical sand screen solution

BakerMesh™ screens help to maximize sand-free production and control costs with a rugged yet economical design that resists damage and erosion for effective, long-term sand control.

  • Leverage lower costs with an economical sand screen design
  • Improve operational efficiency with accelerated screen delivery
  • Enhance sand-free production performance with combined solution

Leverage lower costs with an economical sand screen design

Each BakerMesh screen consists of a combination of perforated shrouds and mesh to provide effective filtration and increase drainage. A dimpled inner shroud provides standoff between the basepipe and the outer jacket to enable sufficient flow, and formation-specific filtration media optimize sand retention while providing enhanced plugging resistance. Multiple mesh options and pore sizes accommodate a broad range of formation sands. And an outer perforated shroud protects the filter media during deployment and throughout production to extend reliable service life. The result is a multilayered, rugged screen that provides an efficient, effective, and versatile sand control solution for cost-sensitive applications. The all-weld design provides a high strength, cost-effective coupling that firmly attaches the screen to the basepipe for increased strength and reliability.

Improve operational efficiency with accelerated delivery

The sand screens are manufactured using a proprietary and standardized process that assembles all screen layers in a single operation. Standardized construction minimizes inventory and improves process controls, simplifying and accelerating delivery.

Enhance sand-free production performance with combined solution

When used with EQUALIZER™ inflow control devices, the combined screen and inflow control technology act as a self-governing sand-control solution that compensates for flow rate fluctuation. And in standalone applications, Baker Hughes recommends running REPacker™ self-energizing packers with BakerMesh screens to provide options for controlling future water production.


  • Completions in unconsolidated sands with long production intervals
  • Recommended for wells with production rates less than 8,000 barrels of oil per day

EQUALIZER Sand and Inflow Control Technology

Optimize production and delay water or gas coning in long, low-drawdown, high-rate horizontal wells. Ensure a uniform production profile.

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