Subsurface Safety Systems

Reduce risk and increase profit using subsurface safety valves

Baker Hughes’ self-equalizing, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves (SCSSVs) ensure more cost-effective operations than completions using a nonequalizing valve. Equalizing pressure enables you to place a well on production much sooner after a system test or emergency shutdown.

A subsurface safety valve must be pressure-equalized above and below the flapper before opening. The self-equalizing mechanism allows shut-in pressure below the valve to be vented to the tubing above the flapper. This equalizes the system, enabling the valve to be opened through hydraulic control-line pressure.

REACH™ Performance, Extreme Performance, and Ultra Performance SCSSVs are ideally suited for deep-set as well as extreme HP/HT applications in excess of 10,000 psi (689.4 bar) and 350°F (176.6°C). They can be set as deep as 20,000 ft (6096 m), and ensure fail-safe-closed operation using reliable, field-proven, heavy-sprung closure technology.

DeepShield™ deepwater tubing-retrievable SCSSV is for completions requiring low-operating pressures because of control system limitations. There are two totally independent operating systems and an integral control line filter, delivering the redundancy and assurance required in remote subsea wells. Innovative design and simple operation protect your investment.

Onyx tubing-retrievable SCSSV, for big-bore application, is the industry’s first tubing-retrievable safety valve offering full-opening production in smaller casing sizes. Achieve lower cost of smaller OD casing, completion design flexibility, and higher production rates typical of larger tubing sizes.

REALM™ tubing-retrievable SCSSV is the industry’s most reliable safety valve for critical HP/HT applications. Ideal in applications greater than 10,000 to 20,000 psi [689.5 to 1379 bar] working pressure and 400 deg. F [204.4 deg. C]. Reduce operating expenses with absolute pressure ratings. The control chamber, dynamic seal system, and rod piston are capable of withstanding full differential pressures, eliminating the requirement to stage tubing pressures during installation. This reduces installation cost and risk of overpressuring the valve.

Titan™ SCSSV virtually eliminates damage during wellbore intervention by protecting all seal surfaces from wireline contact even during accidental closure of the valve during wireline operations. Titan-series valves can be customized with options such as integral chemical injection capability and various control-system stop-seal versions. The optional thru-the-flapper self-equalizing system minimizes operational expense while maximizing productivity.

ORBIT™ barrier valve is a tubing-retrievable, surface-controlled barrier valve that can be deployed as a downhole lubricator and/or isolation valve for complete well control in applications up to 10,000 psi [689.5 bar]. One-time mechanical override offers a contingency to mechanically open the valve in case of a hydraulic open failure. Fail-as-is design ensures that the valve remains in the current position following the removal of control line pressure, regardless of well conditions.

CEMENTSAFE™ tubing-retrievable SCSSV is specifically for use in cement-through and frac-through applications. CEMENTSAFE-series valves are for applications that require the exclusion of flowing debris from the working components of the tubing-retrievable safety valve. The design isolates the control chamber and spring cavity from cement and produced fluids. This protects the sealing surfaces of the actuation system and excludes cement or other debris from entering the safety valve’s flapper cavity.

SelecT™ SCSSV is a tubing-retrievable valve that addresses the unique challenges that shallow-set safety valves encounter, typically <1,000 ft [305 m]. The flapper design virtually eliminates wireline damage during interventions even during accidental closure of the valve during wireline operations. The SelecT valve is for applications with smaller tubing sizes ranging from 2 3/8 in. [60 mm] to 3 1/2 in. [89 mm].


9⅝-in. Onyx 10E Performance TRSV

The 9⅝-in. Onyx 10E (P)erformance safety valve is the industry’s first TRSV with full-opening production in smaller casing sizes for reduced cost in big bore completions


REACH Series Subsurface Safety Valves

REACH surface controlled subsurface safety valves are ideal for deep-set wells, deep water, and extreme HP/HT applications surpassing 10,000 psi and 350°F.


DeepShield Deepwater Subsurface Safety Valve

DeepShield™ deepwater subsurface safety valves deliver fail-safe performance in completions that require low operating pressures due to control system limitations.


When you’re spending $350 per minute on a $500,000-per-day deepwater rig, you can be confident our global expertise enables you to work safer with minimized NPT.

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