9⅝-in. Onyx 10E Performance TRSV

Maximize production and reduce costs in big bore completions

The Baker Hughes 9⅝-in. Onyx™ 10E (P)erformance subsurface safety valve helps you maximize production rates while reducing completion costs. This surface-controlled tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV) is part of the Onyx series, which is based on the successful Baker Hughes T-Series™ valves. Its 10,000 psi (689 bar) working pressure rating makes it reliable in big bore, gas production, and high-flow-rate applications.

The Onyx valve combines a sophisticated, patented closure mechanism and premium housing threads to produce the industry’s first TRSV with full-opening production in smaller casing sizes. The advantage is the lower cost of a smaller, slimline outside diameter casing, flexible completions design, and higher production rates typical of larger tubing sizes. Another benefit is broader application coverage with the ability to run capillary lines for downhole instrumentation or chemical injection, and cables for electric submersible pump operation, plus dual-completion installations.

The Onyx valve’s through-the-flapper self-equalizing system provides a high integrity seal without the conventional failure modes while eliminating the need for high-pressure pumping equipment, lowering cost and nonproductive time and increasing production.

Subsurface Safety Systems

Our self-equalizing, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves reduce risk and increase profit compared with completions using nonequalizing valves.

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