Dynamic Underbalance Optimization (DUO) Service

Optimize production with clean perforation tunnels

Our Dynamic Underbalance Optimization™ (DUO™) process is an analysis and job-planning system used to engineer underbalance profile and flow duration during perforation. DUO optimizes flow efficiency of the perforated completion by removing the crush zone in the perforating tunnel, leading to a cleaner connection to your reservoir.

From modeling results, a bottomhole assembly is designed using specific charges, carriers, flow-control devices, and deployment systems to maximize cleanup results. A controlled underbalance pressure profile removes the crushed zone from the matrix, and a sufficient surge flow sweeps perforation tunnels clean.

Our DUO process is also verifiable (i-PERF verify) in a post-job analysis of high-speed pressure-transient data. Recorded data is compared to a pre-job model of pressure-transient data to confirm that expected results have been met, and further perforating runs in the same well can be fine tuned. Perforating assemblies for the next well in the field can also be defined.

Our DUO products should be accompanied by our PulsFrac™ model, which identifies whether or not the well is a candidate for cleanup.