Pine Island Perforating Technology Center

Pine Island Perforating Technology Center

Our Pine Island Perforating Technology Center houses comprehensive R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing resources, and a perforating flow laboratory. We strive for quality and consistency in the shaped-charge manufacturing process. Everyone at our Pine Island facility is involved in the quality process to guarantee maximum performance and consistency.

Our Pine Island facility designs perforating and completion products with your needs in mind. Our services achieve production goals by supplying reliable completions through high-quality perforating systems and services engineered to optimize production.

We offer laboratory services for advanced testing and optimization of perforating systems and their performance in actual reservoir environments. The TerraCONNECT Center™ perforating flow laboratory conforms to the latest industry standards and is configured to enable perforation and flow testing as described in API Recommended Practice 19B. Our Pine Island facility simulates a wide range of well conditions and flow measurement options. This allows us to maximize perforating flow efficiency for a variety of your completions and formations.

Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems

We engineer and build perforating systems that perform as you expect every time.

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