Optimize production and reduce perforating damage risk

Our PulsFracTM software calculates dynamic wellbore behavior, flow, and fracturing triggered by energetic sources like perforating and propellant burn.

Engineered perforation cleanup and risk mitigation for operational success

Mathematically modeling the intricate processes in both underbalanced and propellant-assisted perforating is essential to predicting well performance and operational success. Our PulsFrac modeling software employs more than 120 formation, tool, and well parameters to predict propellant stimulation effects, perforation tunnel cleanup based on the underbalance conditions in the well, and the effects of the mechanical and fluid pressure shock associated with perforating events.

PulsFrac applications include

  • dynamic or static underbalance modeling
  • propellant-assisted perforating modeling
  • wellbore shock modeling
  • validation of wellbore dynamic events.

High-speed, high-shock downhole memory gauges collect data during a perforating event, including pressure, temperature, and accelerometer responses during the gun detonation and any subsequent propellant burn. When compared to PulsFrac computer modeling predictions, memory-gauge data validates the results post-job completion. It can also estimate perforation tunnel cleanup properties and, in some cases, fracture gradient.