UltraConnect 35K HPHT Perforating System

Reliably perforate ultra-HPHT wells and tap previously inaccessible reservoirs

Perforate wells with pressures as high as 35,000 psi (2413 bar) and temperatures up to 470°F (243°C) and reach previously inaccessible reservoirs.

The Baker Hughes UltraConnect™ 35K HPHT perforating system stands up to some of the world’s deepest and hottest wells. It was the first perforating system to be deployed successfully in a well where the downhole pressure reached 34,500 psi (2379 bar).

Common HPHT and ultra-HPHT configurations include the use of DeepConnect™ charges to maximize perforations when firing through hard rock or heavy casing, and Model D™ and Model RD™ pressure firing heads to reduce required firing pressure. Reliable and predictable, the system can be tailored to suit almost any HPHT environment.


  • Ultra-HPHT and HPHT wells
  • Deep gas operations
  • Critical and complex well designs
  • Hard rock formations

Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems

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