Expandable Solid Tubular Systems

Maximize hole size with significantly reduced NPT

Our expanded solid tubulars enable you to maximize hole size while minimizing NPT in openhole. This is important in open hole when expandables are planned in the initial design rather than used as a contingency, especially when NPT has already accumulated beyond acceptable limits.

We have the right approach—since we were first to market in 1994 with our ZXP™ liner packer system—in the application of expandable techniques across liner packer systems, multilateral systems, sand screens, bridge plugs, and more.

We were also first with a one-trip expandable completion system, which included an expandable hanger, expandable solid pipe, expandable screens, and expandable zonal isolation devices.

That technology led to the first deployment of a monobore expandable liner extension system followed by the first casing exit from a monobore expanded liner extension in a subsequent application. We were the first in the industry with a close-tolerance expandable centralizer for ensuring good cementation.

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linEXX Monobore Expandable Liner Extension

Our system lets you block off troublesome drilling sections to minimize NPT. Or, include in your initial well design to maximize hole size to the reservoir.


TORXS Expandable Liner Hanger System

Maximizes wellbore integrity without the risk of becoming stuck in cement with the TORXS™ expandable liner hanger system.