linEXX Monobore Expandable Liner Extension

Maximize hole size and minimize NPT

Our 9 5/8-in. linEXX™ monobore expandable liner extension, an industry exclusive, enables you to maintain the same pass-through ID as the previous casing/liner. Our system lets you block off troublesome drilling sections to minimize NPT. Or, the system can be included in the initial well design to maximize hole size to the reservoir.

This better approach is accomplished by first running a recessed shoe on the conventional 9 5/8-in. casing. This shoe and the next hole section are drilled out conventionally to the next casing point or until a drilling problem is encountered. The linEXX system is deployed and expanded on a single trip to extend the previous casing string without a change in drill bit size or the following openhole size.

Unlike other expandable liner systems that are deployed and expanded, our monobore system lets you use conventional bit and tubular sizes to further control drilling costs. Ultimately, you can maintain and, potentially, increase the desired production rates that you would’ve sacrificed by using a smaller production string.

Increase operational efficiency

Our top-down expansion technology also enables backup tool redundancy and conventional cementing processes post-expansion. Additionally, if there are unplanned events during the expansion process—such as weather or equipment related—you can abandon work without a loss.

Operator saves well with expandable liner extension

Onshore Egypt, our liner extension technology prevented Cepsa from abandoning a well. The operator had encountered severe losses and drilling breaks in the 17 1/2-in. and 12 1/4-in. sections of this vertical exploratory well.

Planned to 15,090 ft [4,600 m], the well needed 9 5/8-in. casing below 9,678 ft [2,950 m] to achieve the exploration objective. The casing did not reach bottom, stopping at 9,380 ft [2,859 m]. Cepsa anticipated the problem and planned to use the linEXX technology as a contingency.

On the second attempt, the linEXX extension was run in hole and expanded from 9,380 ft [2,859 m] to 9,747 ft [2,971 m] to the same ID as the casing above. Hole size was not lost from the previous casing.

The monobore liner extension allowed the operator to isolate the troublesome well sections below the 9 5/8-in. casing without any loss to casing size and the following hole sections. Since hole size was not sacrificed with this additional liner, the operator was able to accomplish the planned 7-in. liner to the reservoir, which was critical for the well evaluation objectives.

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