Hydraulic Liner Hangers

Reduce costs in CRA casing with increased well-design options

Our line of hydraulic-set liner hangers offers you more well design options in liner completions, particularly when corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) casing is involved.

Our FLEX-LOCK™ hydraulic set liner hanger is capable of hanging exceptionally heavy liners. The kit can be mounted directly onto corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) casing, representing a significant savings over a CRA solid body hanger. This unique hanger can be provided as a complete assembly or a kit. The FLEX-LOCK hanger offers a dramatic increase in hanging capacity over cone-type hangers. A large circulation area is achieved through fluid courses located in the slip seat and behind the slips. Flow area is the same after setting the hanger as it is in the run-in position.

The FLEX-LOCK™ hydraulic set rotating liner hanger incorporates a tapered roller bearing assembly that allows the liner to be rotated with the hanger in the set position, while cementing the liner. This bearing design allows the liner to be rotated at higher RPM than hangers using conventional ball or journal bearing systems. Our proprietary slip design results in substantially lower and more uniform stresses in both the parent casing and the hanger mandrel as axial load is applied. The kit hanger can be provided with mandrel or without, for mounting on casing of any weight, grade, or thread.

A hydraulic cylinder compatible with your liner to meet NACE specifications can be provided when required. Premium hydraulic cylinder seals withstand conditions up to 10,000 psi (689.6 bar) at 400°F (204°C). A non-left-hand-rotating option for use with HR™/HRD™ Setting Tools ensures secondary release if required. A double-grip retrievable version is also available.

Our HMC™ hydraulic set liner hanger supports medium-to-heavy liner loads. The hanger is widely used in deep and high-angle wells, where actuation of mechanical set hangers may not be preferred. It is set by applied pressure through the run-in string. No pipe rotation is required to set the hanger. The multi-cone design provides excellent fluid bypass. Premium cylinder seals ensure high pressure/high temperature integrity. The hanger is available with a L-80 or P-110 body as standard.

The Hyflo™ II hydraulic set liner hanger is an economical, light-to-medium-duty liner hanger that is suitable for short to moderate length liners. It incorporates all of the hydraulic setting features of the highly reliable HMC liner hanger but has only three slips, rather than the six used on the HMC liner hanger.

The Hyflo II liner hanger is set with applied hydraulic pressure; no pipe rotation is required. The multicone design provides maximum bypass area. The hanger has premium FLEX-LOCK cylinder seals for high pressure/high temperature integrity. A positive stop prevents over-travel of the hydraulic cylinder. The hanger body can be ordered as Q-125 or L-80 as standard.

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