Liner Drilling Systems

Deliver casing to TD across difficult formations with fewer problems

Our EZLine™ liner drilling system delivers casing across tough, problematic zones. It greatly reduces occurrences of stuck pipe, lost circulation and losing hole sections. EZLine will get your casing to total depth when conventional methods won't work. Several industry-leading Baker Hughes product lines have integrated innovative technologies into EZLine.

The EZLine system replaces the liner hanger and packer. It's designed around the capabilities of Hughes Christensen EZCase™ casing bits, Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids and field-proven components of the Baker Hughes liner hanger system. Delivering high torque in a slim profile increases annular area for cuttings removal and keeps debris from packing off around the top of the liner. The EZCase technology helps get casing or liner to total depth. A tieback extension on top of the liner accommodates an isolation packer if one is needed as a secondary pressure barrier or if problems occur with the primary cement job.

EZCase bits enable greater drilling efficiency than any other casing drilling system. Our bits combine drilling and casing in one run and eliminate the need for a dedicated milling trip. By using a full PDC cutting structure and a special alloy crown, EZCase bits are strong enough to drill through problematic formations, yet are drillable with a milled tooth or custom PDC bit. Strong rotational capabilities and maximized annular clearances over 10,000 ft (3048 m) drilled to date allow the EZLine system to be used in many applications, including liner drilling and liner reaming. Rubble zones, lost circulation zones, depleted reservoirs, and underground blowouts can all be overcome with EZCase bits.

In casing and liner drilling applications, no generic drilling fluid is applicable in all situations. However, a comprehensive set of criteria for fluids optimization can be applied to offer the most attractive, technically viable fluid for the job. The drilling fluid must be designed and engineered not only to suit the demands of the well, but also to suit the unique operational parameters involved. Our drilling fluids use proprietary fluids technology and engineering applications to ensure that the fluids used with your EZLine system work flawlessly with the system’s other components.

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