Liner Packers

Improve operational efficiency, achieve more reliable liner seals

In liner completions, the liner top is sealed off with either cement or a liner top packer. Our liner top packers give your liner completions a more reliable seal than cement. We have several models ranging from low- to moderate-use to high performance types. Liner top packers provide a mechanical seal at the top of the liner and provide the same functionality as a setting sleeve.

Our Hydraulic Double-Grip Mid-String ZX™ packer is a hydraulic-set packer used to achieve a positive seal between two strings of casing. The packer can be run with liners or long string casing, and requires no auxiliary setting tools to set. Applied pressure activates hydraulic cylinders within the tool to generate packoff force.

The Hyflo™ III liner packer provides a seal at the liner top in low- to- moderate-duty applications. The packer incorporates a one-piece seal element with bonded metal backups to prevent extrusion and provide protection from swab-off. It offers effective annular sealing and hold-down capabilities and prevents formation breakdown, loss of cement slurry, and gas migration. This compression-set packer can be run on the primary liner run or on a second trip as a tieback packer.

Our SLZXP™ slotted liner hanger/packer is a robust hanger/packer for suspending slotted liners and sealing the lap. The ZX™ seal element ensures reliable high-pressure sealing after running and circulating at high rates. The SLZXP hanger/packer includes opposing slips to permanently hang and hold down the liner. The tool can also be used on cemented liners which are reciprocated during cementing (setting tool remains attached until plug bumps).

The ZXP™ liner packer is a high-performance liner top packer in annular sealing technology. It is typically run as an integral component of the primary liner hookup. It may also be run in conjunction with a tieback seal assembly to serve as a tieback packer in the event remedial repair of the liner top is necessary. The ZX™ seal element endures exceptionally high circulation rates and achieves high-pressure and high-temperature sealing. ZXP liner packer allows liner to be run in hole much faster than conventional liner packers, which saves rig time. Standard service for many sizes is 10,000 psi (689.6 bar) at 400°F (204°C), and HP/HT rated tools are available upon request.

Our ZXP-N liner top packer is a compression-set liner top packer that uses a modified ZX packing element design. It is the enhanced-performance version of our ZXP liner packer, the industry’s most widely used. ZXP-N liner top packer uses proprietary bonded elastomer and anti-extrusion technology to extend liner top sealing capability to 10,000 psi and 300°F.

The ZXP-D compression set liner packer is a compact liner top packer using the field proven ZXP seal technology. The bonded ZX seal will not swab off. Its ability to withstand extremely high circulation rates and pressures provides better drilling capability. All outside parts are rotationally locked so that there is no movement during drilling. Carbide wear buttons placed on the top and bottom of the packer provide the seal with protection during drilling.


ZXHD Liner Top Packer

The ZXHD™ liner top packer offers unmatched protection and reliability through proven ZX seal technology and rugged hold-downs.

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