ZXHD Liner Top Packer

Protect well integrity with gas-tight sealing and rugged hold-down capabilities

The ZXHD™ liner top packer safeguards your completion with unmatched protection and reliability through proven ZX™ seal technology and integrated carbide hold-downs. It remains locked to the casing, providing V0-rated gas migration protection, even in wells with excessive upward pressures.

The ZXHD liner packer may look and feel like its predecessor—the ZXP™ packer—but it features a streamlined design that is even more reliable and dependable. It can be run in hole faster than conventional liner packers, protects well integrity, and delivers exceptional performance, withstanding up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) differential pressure from above… and below.


  • Most liner hanger applications, including HP/HT, deepwater, geothermal, and shale gas wells
  • Environments requiring high circulation rates

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