Mechanical Liner Hangers

Simplify liner installations and improve cement quality

For hanging liner in existing casing, our liner hangers are available in load capacities to fit any application. Mechanical or hydraulic actuation is available. We can simplify your liner installations and improve cement quality.

Our CMC™ mechanical-set liner hanger handles medium-to-heavy liner loads. It is set mechanically with either right-hand or left-hand rotation, depending on the type of setting tool the liner is run on. Low-profile slips offer a large-supported slip area, reducing potential for damage while running in; the hanger offers an excellent bypass area in the run-in and set position.

The HYFLO™ II mechanical-set liner hanger is an economical hanger for use when applications do not require a heavy-duty hanger. It is similar to the CMC mechanical liner hanger but with one row of cones and slips. The Hyflo II hanger has excellent bypass in both run in and set positions. The open-bottom J cage is available for right- or left-hand setting.

Our FLEX-LOCK™ III mechanical-set liner hanger is ideal for liner applications where maximum burst and collapse pressure ratings are required. It is capable of hanging exceptionally heavy liners. The Flex-Lock III hanger can be mounted directly onto corrosion-resistant casing, which offers a significant saving over using a corrosion-resistant, solid-body hanger.

The FLEX-LOCK™ III mechanical-set rotating liner hanger has a tapered roller-bearing assembly that allows the liner to be rotated with the hanger in the set position while cementing the liner. This improves the cement job. The bearing design allows the liner to be rotated at higher RPM than hangers with conventional ball or journal-bearing systems.

The HYFLO™ III mechanical-set liner hanger is an economical, light- to medium-duty hanger for cost-sensitive applications. It has three slips, rather than six as used on the CMC™ hanger. The HYFLO III hanger is available in right- and left-hand set models, depending on the type of setting tool to be used. Cone-grip slips are available to prevent floating of very short, light liners.

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