Surface Cementing Equipment

Increase operational productivity with high capacity cementing tools

Our surface cementing equipment encompasses and accommodates plug-dropping heads, cementing heads, ball-dropping subs, flag subs, swivels, pump-down plugs and setting balls that efficiently handle high hook loads, torques and pump pressures.

The Flag Sub for the TD2™ Cementing System is placed below the plug-dropping head to provide immediate visual confirmation that the pump-down plug has been released and has moved down the running string. Standard drillpipe connections provide high tensile ratings.

Our LC combination plug-dropping head is attached to the top joint of the liner running string to allow a pump-down plug to be released from the surface without breaking a connection or hammer union. It provides a simple means to release a pump-down plug at the desired time during cementing operations. The rugged integral swivel ensures easy rotation of the running string.

The Pneumatic TD2™ cementing system performs all of the functions of the standard TD2 system from the safety of the rig floor, by using pneumatic actuators to replace manual operation. The system is a short, compact combination of TD swivel, TD plug-dropping head(s), positive ball-dropping sub and resettable flag sub all built into one tool. Intrinsically safe for all rig environments, it enhances personnel safety because all releasing operations are carried out from the rig floor. Operated with standard rig air supply between 80 psi (5.5 bar) and 120 psi (8.3 bar), it enables dropping plugs or ball without stopping circulation or rotation. This is a powerful advantage; in conventional systems, resuming rotation may be difficult or impossible after stopping the pipe. The fail-safe design prevents multiple activations if dynamic pneumatic seals were to leak. All functions have manual backup in the event of air system failure.

Our TD™ (top drive) cementing head is used to release a pump-down plug from the surface at the desired time during cementing operations without the need to break a tool joint connection or hammer union. The compact design holds pump-down plugs securely until release is desired. An innovative plug stop eliminates potential for plug damage at the time of release. The internal bypass requires no external manifold. It is ideal for use with top drive or conventional rotary rigs and is easily stackable for multiple plug applications.

The TD swivel, positive ball-dropping sub is used in conjunction with the TD cementing head when cementing a liner. It is used with the TD plug dropping head to rotate and cement liners on top drive or standard rotary rigs.

Our TD2™ cementing system includes all the components of the reliable TD surface cementing equipment in a unitized assembly with a more compact body. All of the tool joint connections between components have been eliminated, shortening the overall length significantly. The TD2 is compact, easily transportable, and reduces rig time required to make up the surface cementing assembly. It includes the heavy-duty TD swivel, one or two TD plug-dropping heads, a positive ball-dropping sub, and a flag sub with tool joint connections on each end of the assembly.


LaunchPRO Wireless TD Cement Head

The LaunchPRO™ wireless TD cement head improves safety and reliability in deepwater cementing operations through remote launch of plugs, darts, and balls.

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