S3 FracHOOK Multilateral Fracturing System

Increase reservoir connectivity while minimizing environmental footprint

Enable access to multiple payzones from a single wellbore and increase ROI using the S3 FracHOOK™ multilateral fracturing system. Multiple laterals can be produced using commingled, selective, or dual production for improved reservoir drainage. The system supports high-pressure re-fracturing operations and enhances drift diameter through junctions while maintaining re-entry capabilities.

The system uses field-proven S3 HOOK Hanger™ technology to mechanically support TAML Level 3 and 4 junctions and to provide selective re-entry access to the laterals. The multilateral hook hanger is anchored into position by the SLZXP liner top packer and hydraulic isolation to the laterals is achieved with accessory frac diverters. The mainbore and lateral leg have a unique diverter that provides both mechanical and hydraulic isolation. The frac diverters are designed with a wide, pass-through inner diameter. This enables frac balls to drop during hydraulic fracturing (specifically designed for use with the FracPoint™ multistage fracturing system), and allows typical tools to pass through including E-4™ setting tools and perforating guns, mills for removing ball seats or composite plugs, and shifting tools if re-closeable sleeves are installed.

The S3 FracHOOK multilateral fracturing system enables operators to access more area in a formation off a single vertical wellbore, increasing production and return while eliminating the cost necessary to drill multiple single-lateral wells.


  • Shale oil and gas
  • Coalbed methane
  • Hydraulic stimulation
  • Openhole completions
  • Cemented and slotted liners
  • Vertical and horizontal wells
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Deviated wells

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