Downstream Chemicals

Improve profitability with customized downstream chemical solutions



Our Downstream Chemicals group’s chemical programs and services manage processing, water treatment, and finished product-quality challenges in petroleum refining.


Fuel Terminal Additives

Our fuel terminal additives increase profitability by enhancing market value of fuels and crude oils. Our fuel additive specialists offer superior service and logistical support.


Industrial Water Management and Treatment Solutions

We increase your profitability by reducing operating cost through effective influent, cooling, boiler, and wastewater system treatment.


Petrochemical Manufacturing

We develop and implement innovative chemical program and service solutions that increase petrochemical plant profitability.


Power Generation

Our fuel additives enable severe fuels in power generation, preventing plant failures, reducing maintenance cost, and maintaining plant efficiency.


XpertLink Data Management Services

Baker Hughes XpertLink™ data management services give you access to web-based reports and data, whenever you need them, in a customizable interface that is simple to read and understand.

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