Fuel Dehazers

Meet fuel specifications by eliminating fuel haze problems

Baker Hughes TOLAD™ dehazers prevent or remove haze from gasoline, diesel, and gas oils to meet fuel specifications. This solution is more convenient and less expensive than filtering or reprocessing.

TOLAD dehazers contain a specific demulsifier specially selected to coalesce haze-causing quantities of water, allowing the water to separate from the fuel. Correctly applied, our dehazers will, typically, offer superior results in less time than settling alone.

Our dehazers solve problems in situations where haze is not necessarily the primary issue. For example, throughput may be limited by the capacity of an undersized or inefficient salt drier; our dehazer can be applied to all or part of the stream to remove this bottleneck.

In light oils, such as diesel and gasoline, small amounts of water can create a haze in the fuel. Haze in light oils can also be caused, stabilized, or exacerbated by fuel degradation products, wax, and inorganic contaminates.

Haze can cause filter plugging, microbial activity, and corrosion, which must be resolved before the fuel can be shipped.

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