Fuel Lubricity Improvers

Improve diesel fuel to meet fuel lubricity specifications

Baker Hughes lubricity improvers bring diesel fuel into compliance with ASTM and other lubricity specifications. Our improvers overcome the problems associated with the ultralow sulfur diesel (ULSD) specifications required as of June 2006 by replacing the fuel’s natural lubricity.

We supply a variety of lubricity improver product types, giving you flexibility to meet your specific fuel lubricity treatment needs.

Reduce maintenance cost

During one Canadian winter the mail wasn't getting through because the fuel pumps on mail trucks were failing, some before 2,500 miles of operation. Reduced diesel fuel sulfur content, plus the additional kerosene blended in for winter operations, had reduced lubricity drastically. The repair shop was replacing an average of eight vehicle fleet pumps per week.

Baker Hughes ran an 11-month trial using our lubricity additives. During that period, only four fleet pumps failed, and this was at a time when additive injection was temporarily discontinued.