Non-Fe Corrosion Control

Prevent fuel corrosion and equipment damage

Baker Hughes TOLAD™ non-Fe corrosion inhibitors protect copper and silver and their alloy parts commonly found in fuel systems. This is a quick and cost-effective way to improve finished fuel quality.

Save money using copper corrosion inhibitor

Our noniron inhibitor resolves problems with copper and silver corrosion control and hydrogen sulfide contamination in diesel and gasoline. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of blendoff or reprocessing off-specification fuels.

TOLAD nonferrous additives prevent fuel discoloration and sediment formation that may render the fuel unfit for use. These additives also prevent premature failure of fuel system components. Count on us for corrosion protection.

Protect fuel tank silver components

We’re the world’s leading manufacturer of metal inhibitors to protect fuel tank silver components. This additive ensures proper gasoline engine performance.

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Rust Inhibitors

Our rust inhibitors—for gasoline, diesel, LPG, and jet fuel—extend pipeline and storage tank life, reducing maintenance cost and preserving fuel quality.

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