Rust Inhibitors

Prevent rust and reduce cost

Baker Hughes TOLAD™ rust inhibitors extend pipeline and storage tank life, reducing maintenance cost and preserving fuel quality. The product line includes a rust inhibitor for gasoline, diesel, LPG, and jet fuel.

These proven, cost-effective, oil-soluble rust inhibitors maintain the integrity of pipelines and storage tanks by forming a protective film on pipe walls or other steel surfaces. The polar molecule is adsorbed onto the metal surface to prevent a water-and-oxygen attack on the metal.

Our TOLAD rust inhibitors also can prevent clogged filters and fouled nozzles while increasing the life of engine components and oil burners. They also can prevent corrosion of inline equipment, such as meters, valves, and pumps. 

In addition, they reduce fuel color degradation and improve fuel thermal stability.

Our rust inhibitors meet the range of specifications for refineries, pipelines, and terminals to protect equipment and maintain fuel quality. These specifications, generally, are based upon the NACE® International test method TM0172-2001.

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