Fuel Terminal Additives

Increase profitability by enhancing fuel market value

Baker Hughes fuel terminal additives increase profitability by enhancing the market value of fuels, intermediates, and crude oils. Our fuel additive specialists offer superior service and logistical support from detailed product recommendations to comprehensive laboratory support.

Shale oil is becoming a favorite crude feed for refiners because it is cost effective and readily available. At terminals and refineries, shale oil can complicate operations. H2S issues don’t go away: They increase the chances for corrosion and introduce additional environmental concerns. In addition, high paraffin content (with high melting points) creates waxy buildup. This escalates the chances of disruptions and reduced throughput, which will have a negative economic impact.  

Call us or send us an e-mail to learn more about how our fuel additive technology increases the value of your fuels, intermediates, and crude oils. Our fuel additive expertise includes lubricity and conductivity improvers; hydrogen sulfide H2S and mercaptan scavengers; dehazers and demulsifiers; fuel biocide, cetane improver, and cold-flow additives; and multifunctional packages.

We’ll also work with you to meet industry specifications. We’re there at every step of the process.


Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion Additives

Our HFO combustion additives address HFO problems, making a poor quality fuel a premium, saleable product. Our fuel additives improve the performance of and add value to HFO.



Our PREPARED TO RESPOND™ services maximize profit by meeting fuel and crude oil specifications, increasing their value and marketability.


SULFIX H2S Scavengers

Our SULFIX™ H2S scavengers and services reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide in crude oil, intermediates, and refined products for safer operations.


Cold-Flow Additives

TOLAD additives enhance the low-temperature handling properties of biofuels, petroleum fuels, residual oils, and crude oils.


Fuel Lubricity Improvers

Our improvers overcome the problems associated with the ultralow sulfur diesel (ULSD, or gas oil) lubricity specifications by replacing the fuel’s natural lubricity.


Cetane Improvers

Our cetane improvers increase diesel fuel cetane numbers so you can meet specifications, increasing the value and, ultimately, the profitability of your operations.


Fuel Dehazers

Our dehazers remove haze from gasoline, diesel, and gas oils. Haze can cause filter plugging, microbial activity, and corrosion.


Rust Inhibitors

Our rust inhibitors—for gasoline, diesel, LPG, and jet fuel—extend pipeline and storage tank life, reducing maintenance cost and preserving fuel quality.


Fuel Biocides

Decrease the microorganisms that thrive in water-contaminated fuel, causing biodeterioration and lost revenue. Maintain fuel quality, value and, ultimately, fuel profitability.


Conductivity Improvers

Our conductivity improvers dissipate the electrostatic charge that builds up when gasoline, jet fuel, or diesel fuel is transferred to minimize the risk of fire or explosion.


Non-Fe Corrosion Control

Protect copper and silver and their alloy parts commonly found in fuel systems. This is a quick and cost-effective way to improve finished fuel quality.


Our PREPARED TO RESPOND™ services maximize profit by meeting fuel and crude oil specifications, increasing their value and marketability.

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