Cetane Improvers

Increase diesel profitability and marketability by increasing cetane number

Baker Hughes cetane improvers and application services increase diesel fuel cetane numbers so you can meet specifications, increasing the value and, ultimately, the profitability of your operations. We can add cetane improvers to barges and ships, in addition to treatment at refinery blenders and fuel terminals.

A cetane number of 40 is a common specification in contracts and for pipelines while a higher cetane number is often required by fleet operators for over-the-road operations. Failure to meet this specification can lead to shipping delays, limited storage tank availability, and diminished profitability. A low cetane number could result in engine problems for the end user, which may cause complaints and legal claims against you.

A large refinery was using an equation to predict the cetane number in its diesel fuel, but this equation used only two fuel properties. We instructed the refinery how to increase the accuracy of its cetane predictions with an equation that included four fuel properties. This one major change saved the oil company more than $400,000 per year.


Our PREPARED TO RESPOND™ services maximize profit by meeting fuel and crude oil specifications, increasing their value and marketability.

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