Cold-Flow Additives

Improve refinery economics

Baker Hughes TOLAD™ cold-flow additives enable you to reduce the amount of more expensive light cuts required to meet your specifications. These additives enhance the low-temperature handling properties of biofuels, petroleum fuels, residual oils, and crude oils. With this approach, you improve fuel-blend economics and, ultimately, refinery profit.

TOLAD cold-flow improvers help you pass these tests:

pour point: You may know TOLAD pour-point improvers help distillate fuels meet pipeline specs. Our additives can also make it possible to send waxy, high pour-point crude oils through pipelines.

cloud point: TOLAD cloud-point depressants can dramatically improve diesel fuel performance and reduce the amount of kerosene required to meet product specs. These additives may also allow you to use more gas oil in your diesel fuel.

cold-filter plugging point (CFPP): TOLAD additives reduce the tendency of diesel fuel to plug fuel filters in certain engine designs at temperatures well below the fuel's cloud point.

low-temperature flow test (LTFT): Our LTFT additives are your best assurance of low-temperature vehicle operability in North American diesel engines.

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