Fuel Biocides

Ensure profitability by decreasing fuel microorganisms

Baker Hughes X-CIDE™ biocide decreases the microorganisms that thrive in water-contaminated fuel, causing biodeterioration and lost revenue. When fuel microorganisms are reduced so are a number of fuel quality problems, including color degradation, increased haze formation, decreased stability, and increased corrosivity. You’ll maintain fuel quality, value and, ultimately, fuel profitability.

This solution ensures your fuels meet specifications. Failure to meet specifications can lead to shipping delays, limited storage tank availability, and diminished profitability.

We offer two types of biocides for use in fuel storage tanks: oil-soluble and water-soluble. These products offer a broad spectrum of activity so the microorganisms responsible for these problems can be adequately controlled.

X-CIDE™ biocide has been used for many years in the treatment of fuel tanks—onshore and in marine applications—without adverse effects on engine performance. 

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Our PREPARED TO RESPOND™ services maximize profit by meeting fuel and crude oil specifications, increasing their value and marketability.

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