SULFIX H2S Scavengers

Reduce H2S levels

Baker Hughes SULFIX™ H2S scavengers and services reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide in crude oil, intermediates, and refined products. Use of these scavengers ensures safer operations with reduced environmental, regulatory, and operational concerns at refineries, storage tank facilities, terminals, and in transport vessels.

We have the industry’s most extensive H2S scavenger product line and the most application experience. This technology and expertise enables you to meet every sulfur management need from LPG to asphalt or any product in between. 

One refinery had extreme fuel H2S levels from the vacuum tower. After an extensive evaluation, we suggested lowering the outlet temperature by 15 deg. F [ 9 deg. C]. That process change reduced H2S levels by more than 8,500 ppm, saving significant additive cost.

H2S in asphalt

Many customers have alerted us about high levels of H2S in their finished asphalt. In some cases, this has created a health hazard for workers loading the product into transportation equipment. In other cases, environmental and odor concerns have made H2S treatment in asphalt mandatory. As heavier crude oils are processed, we anticipate this problem to grow.

SULFIX H2S scavengers increase worker safety and ensure compliance with global environmental regulations by reducing dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide in asphalt.

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