BASTION Fuel Treatment Services

Reduce maintenance cost and prevent critical failures from HFO

Water treatment boilers using heavy fuel oil (HFO) can suffer from corrosion and slag-and-ash buildup. Our additives prevent HFO problems, reducing maintenance. These additives combined with our BASTION™ fuel treatment services improve performance, reliability, and lower cost.

Maintain reliability and performance

The reliable performance of boilers is very important to any water treatment facility. Maintaining availability of process heat and good heat transfer keeps the plant running efficiently and without problems.

Our combustion performance additives ensure boilers can use HFO without the problems of corrosion or slag-and-ash buildup. Corrosion can result in critical failures while hard slag and ash reduce heat transfer, increasing fuel cost and unit cleaning. Both problems result in costly shutdowns for maintenance.

Our combustion performance additives:

  • reduce burner-tip fouling
  • prevent corrosion
  • reduce ash-and-slag fouling
  • reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

Support fireside performance with BASTION services

Our BASTION services combine combustion performance additives with support for all of your HFO needs. Our product and service support keep your boilers operating at the best possible performance, regardless of the fuel oil quality. Our additives include combustion improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and ash modifiers.

BASTION services include fuel analysis, fuel-additive treatment, and dosage optimization. We also offer boiler inspections during shutdowns and ash and flue- gas analysis.