DemandTrac PLUS Advanced Water Treatment Control

Maximize process throughput at optimal operating cost

Our Baker Hughes DemandTrac™ PLUS advanced water treatment control program for hydrocarbon processors continuously collects and reports information about your cooling water system demand. This approach translates data input into action output so you operate the most efficiently under multiple combinations of corrosion, scaling, and microbiological demand. This means you’ll optimize process throughput, increase energy efficiency, minimize downtime, and avoid costly and public environmental regulation violations.

Take the right action at the right time with the right result

When your cooling water system experiences scaling, corrosion, or microbiological challenges, we transform that demand into a performance opportunity. Our scaling and corrosion control programs are based on chemical tests impervious to hydrocarbons, which can interfere with common cooling water treatment programs.

Our program also has online total polymer monitoring and control to prevent scaling. We use our tagged polymer chemistry to go one step further for hydrocarbon processors by measuring free, soluble polymer dispersant to ensure the best cost and system performance.

We combine the right mix of automation with human interaction in our “Trust Yet Verify” philosophy. Our controllers, tagged-polymer chemistry, and 24/7 web-based reporting capability optimize control of your cooling water system. We verify with our service professionals that the program is working to give you peak performance. Our system responds to cooling water demand before you develop a problem, saving energy and operating costs.

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