LeakID Rapid Hydrocarbon Identification

Save time, money with fast ID to avoid throughput disruption

Our LeakID™ rapid hydrocarbon identification service reduces the time spent finding a leaking heat exchanger from weeks to hours. Save time and money, and reduce your stress dramatically.

Save time and money

The clock is ticking. The leak has not been found even though you’ve been searching for weeks. Operating costs are escalating, and throughput rates are threatened. With our LeakID service, our trained professionals need just about five minutes to determine the type and quantity of hydrocarbon present. This information helps quickly narrow the search for the damaged heat exchanger so you stop wasting precious resources.

Reduce your stress level

Employing other methods to find the leaking heat exchanger, such as taking ORP measurements on the inlet and outlet of an exchanger, can take days to wade through a large number of exchangers. Sometimes exchangers don’t have sample lines. Then what do you do? With the LeakID test, all you need to do is take a water sample from the tower basin. It’s that easy to lower your stress level, in spite of a leak.