Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Avoid shutdowns, increase plant reliability with dynamic wastewater treatment

Increased concentrations of contaminants—such as oil-entrained solids, phenols, sulfides, and heavy metals—are part of today’s complex crude oil blends. These contaminants create operational bottlenecks if your wastewater treatment (WWT) facility can’t keep up.

Operators who achieved adequate liquids/solids separation five years ago are threatened. Increased environmental regulatory fines, elevated costs from reduced system performance, depressed revenue from lower production, and even plant shutdowns are challenges. We help avoid these dilemmas.

We optimize your wastewater treatment plant’s efficiency and treat process effluent to derail potential upsets before they reach the plant. Our wastewater treatment approach is not about the things we bring to the table. It’s the expertise we carry over from our process-side experience.

A predictive, proactive treatment approach, expert equipment, and operational recommendations increase hydrocarbon-processing plant reliability by removing plant bottlenecks. We can also prevent plant upsets while keeping you environmentally compliant.

Remove profit-slashing plant bottlenecks

Refinery WWT plants are challenged by desalter effluent oil-entrained solids. Petrochemical plants are challenged by process unit waste stream contaminants like ammonia or latex. Don’t let your WWT plant dictate production and profit. Our programs and services eliminate or prevent costly bottlenecks. 

Prevent costly upsets

Predicting if contaminant problems may occur is key to preventing WWT plant disruption. By troubleshooting equipment configurations, making operational suggestions, and deploying chemical treatment programs, you’ll achieve maximum wastewater system performance.

Achieve or maintain environmental compliance

WWT plants are a once-through application with fluctuating inputs requiring system flexibility. Achieve or maintain environmental compliance through rigorous monitoring and control using our wastewater treatment programs and expertise.

We minimize environmental and liability risk, maximize system performance, and return cleaner water to the environment cost effectively. 

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