Petrochemical Manufacturing

Increase plant profitability with programs to boost production, reduce OPEX

We develop and implement innovative chemical program and service solutions that increase petrochemical plant profitability. This is achieved by addressing your specific challenges to increase production, improve equipment reliability, and reduce operating and maintenance costs. These programs also enhance plant safety and environmental performance through reduced maintenance activity. The benefits are mitigating personnel exposure, hydrocarbon emissions, and potential fire or explosion hazards.

Address petrochemical challenges in a safe, green manner

We work with you to develop strategies to control fouling, polymerization, corrosion, and foaming within processes in ethylene, butadiene, acrylonitrile, styrene, and chlorinated hydrocarbon monomer manufacturing plants. Baker Hughes programs treat and manage petrochemical cooling water, boilers, raw water, and wastewater treatment operations. We can also help reduce plant maintenance costs with turnkey process vessel and storage tank cleaning and decontamination services.

Increase your plant’s profitability by boosting production, improving asset reliability, extending unit run lengths, and optimizing energy efficiency.

We can also help you:

  • reduce hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas emissions
  • achieve or maintain environmental compliance
  • reduce maintenance and polymer deposit cleaning costs
  • enhance plant safety. 

Utility Boilers and Fired Heaters

Our combustion performance additives ensure fired heaters and utility boilers can use heavy fuel oil (HFO) without the problems of corrosion or slag-and-ash build up.


Cleaning and Degassing

Baker Hughes SMART CLEAN™ decontamination services reduce plant turnaround cost by cleaning and decontaminating process equipment safely, quickly, and effectively.

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