Utility Boilers and Fired Heaters

Reduce maintenance cost and prevent critical failures from HFO

Baker Hughes combustion performance additives ensure fired heaters and utility boilers use heavy fuel oil (HFO) without the problems of corrosion or slag-and-ash buildup. Our additives and support reduce burner-tip fouling and maintenance cost while improving performance and reliability. Our additives include combustion improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and ash modifiers.

With Baker Hughes BASTION™ fuel treatment services, we combine our combustion performance additives with support to take care of all your HFO needs. Optimize your fired-heater and utility-boiler operations, regardless of fuel-oil quality.

These BASTION services include fuel analysis, fuel additive treatment, dosage optimization, ash analysis, and flue-gas analysis. We’ll also work with you on a combustion performance health check, such as an inspection during shutdowns.