Power Generation

Improve power-generation performance and reduce maintenance

Crude oil, heavy fuel oil (HFO), and residual fuel oil (RFO) are used for power generation. They are inexpensive, convenient, and often utilized in thermal, gas turbine, and diesel-engine power plants. Fuel contaminants cause operational problems resulting in reduced efficiency and increased maintenance, which increases cost. Baker Hughes fuel additives enable the use of severe fuels in power generation, preventing plant failures, reducing maintenance, and maintaining plant efficiency.

Enable use of severest fuels in power generation

Crude oil, HFO, RFO, and distillate diesel are the most readily available fuels for power generation. Crude oil, HFO, and RFO are inexpensive compared with distillate diesel although quality can vary. Some have contaminants that cause operational problems in thermal power plants, gas turbines, or diesel engines. Our fuel additives enable usage of the severest fuels in industrial and utility power generation while decreasing operating cost. We offer stability improvers, demulsifiers, ash modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and combustion catalysts.

Support fireside applications

RFO and HFO are frequently used in fireside applications. But, contaminant metals (CMs), such as vanadium, and sulfur cause problems: ash fouling, slag, and hot- and cold-end corrosion. Baker Hughes BASTION™ fuel treatment services offer fireside additive options and technical support to prevent these problems.

Address gas turbines challenges

Crude oil and HFO are convenient, inexpensive fuels for gas turbine (GT) power plants. But, CMs and sulfur can cause fouling, corrosion, and operational problems. Our MAGnate™ fuel treatment services offer additives and support solutions tailored to meet GT power generation needs.

Guard against corrosion in diesel engines

Corrosion can be a severe problem when HFO is used in diesel engines for power generation. Combustion performance additives treat these contaminated fuels, prolonging unit availability and reducing maintenance and operational cost. We offer additives for your diesel needs, including demulsifiers for pretreatment, combustion catalysts, and corrosion inhibitors.



BASTION Fuel Treatment Services

Our additives combined with BASTION™ fuel treatment services optimize performance for industrial or utility power generation in thermal power plants.


MAGnate Gas Turbine Fuel Services

Our additives and MAGnate™ fuel treatment services offer comprehensive GT fuel treatment packages for the power-generation industry.


Stationary Diesel Engines

Our combustion performance additives prevent problems from occurring, reduce maintenance cost and unit downtime, and improve performance.

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