BASTION Fuel Treatment Services

Optimize performance in thermal power plants

Heavy fuel oil (HFO) is often used in thermal power plants. But, contaminant metals and high sulfur levels can cause operational challenges, such as corrosion and ash fouling. Prevent these problems by using our combustion performance fuel additives. Our additives combined with Baker Hughes BASTION™ fuel treatment services optimize performance for industrial or utility power generation in thermal power plants.

Ensure cost-effective power generation

High-temperature corrosion in furnaces occurs from high vanadium levels while high sulfur levels cause cold-end corrosion. Slagging impacts heat transfer in boilers, and ash fouling blocks air preheaters. These problems diminish plant efficiency and increase maintenance costs.

Our treatments ensure cost-effective power generation when using crude and HFOs. By optimizing the additive treat rate, you’ll maximize performance and efficiency at minimal cost.

BASTION fuel treatment services help

  • minimize high-temperature corrosion of furnaces, superheaters, and reheaters
  • reduce slag and ash fouling of furnaces, superheaters, reheaters, boilers, economizers, and air heaters
  • control sulfuric-acid-induced corrosion of air heaters
  • lower acid dew point (ADP) to reduce exit gas temperatures and improve unit efficiency
  • reduce burner-tip fouling
  • improve combustion characteristics by reducing unburned hydrocarbons
  • reduce fouling and corrosion in fuel handling systems.

BASTION fuel treatment services include

  • an onsite assessment of client requirements
  • an in-house fuel analysis by expert chemists
  • an optimized fuel treatment program recommendation
  • fuel treatment solutions including tank farm management, asphaltene stability, ash modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and combustion catalysts
  • an ADP and exhaust gas analysis to optimize combustion and unit efficiency
  • troubleshooting advice to identify and solve operational problems
  • ongoing training to maximize performance in fuel management, treatment, and combustion.

Working together, we ensure the correct fuel treatment is selected for optimum plant performance and cost-effective power generation.

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