MAGnate Gas Turbine Fuel Services

Reduce costs, improve power in HFO-fired gas turbines

Our gas-turbine (GT) fuel additives and pretreatments build confidence when using heavy fuel oil (HFO) and crude oil. Your GT units run reliably while vastly reducing power-generation costs. Our approach prevents hot-path corrosion, ash fouling, and the detrimental effects associated with using HFO. This prevents catastrophic failures, extends operational life, and reduces cleaning. The GT is offline less, and costs are improved. Our additives and Baker Hughes MAGnate™ fuel treatment services offer comprehensive GT fuel treatment packages for the power-generation industry.

Work together for optimal treatment and results

We offer fuel additives and pretreatments, including demulsifiers for use on fuel-oil treatment plants (FOTPs) and corrosion inhibitors. Our gas-turbine combustion products meet the General Electric GEK 28150d specification for oil-soluble additives for GT operators. They also are compatible with all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of GTs.

MAGnate services include

  • comprehensive on-site assessment of client requirements
  • in-house fuel analysis by expert chemists to characterize the HFO to be used
  • client proposal recommending an optimized fuel-treatment program
  • fuel-additive package, including demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors
  • fuel-additive treat-rate optimization for maximum unit performance and efficiency at minimal treatment cost
  • onsite inspection and ash analysis during unit shutdown
  • expert advice to identify and solve any operational problems
  • ongoing training and information on fuel-treatment technology and best practices to maximize performance in fuel management, treatment, and combustion. 

Working together, we ensure the correct fuel treatment is selected for optimum turbine performance and cost-effective power generation.

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