Stationary Diesel Engines

Reduce maintenance costs, boost HFO performance in stationary diesel engines

Stationary diesel engines used for power generation can be run with heavy fuel oil (HFO) as opposed to distillate diesel. While this can mean fuel cost saving, contaminants in the HFO can cause corrosion, valve failure, and engine deposits. Baker Hughes combustion performance additives prevent problems from occurring, reduce maintenance cost and unit downtime, and improve performance.

A stationary diesel engine often is the most convenient way of generating electricity in a location. Distillate diesel is expensive though. As an alternative, HFO offers you lower fuel bills. Unfortunately, HFOs can contain high levels of contaminant metals (CM), such as vanadium, sodium, and nickel. CMs can cause corrosion, valve failures, and fouling of the turbocharger.

Address HFO challenges

Our additives address poor-quality HFO problems. This enables HFOs to be used in stationary diesel-engine power generation without equipment failure and loss in power generation. Available HFOs can be used with confidence the engine will keep running and the lights won’t go out.

Our additives will

  • remove water-soluble contaminants in fuel oil treatment plants
  • prevent corrosion
  • prevent valve failure
  • modify deposits to enable easy cleaning.

Preventing these problems from occurring means reduced engine maintenance shutdowns and longer electricity generation. Our range of additives includes demulsifiers for fuel pretreatment, combustion catalysts, and corrosion inhibitors.

Reduce maintenance and improve cost

With our additive technology, you save cost by running your stationary diesel engine on less-expensive HFO compared with distillate diesel. And, you can be confident you won’t incur equipment failure or excessive maintenance expense.

Our additives deliver the cost saving and reliability you want when using HFO in diesel-engine power generation.