Improve profits, reliability by managing petroleum refining challenges

Our Downstream Chemicals group’s chemical programs and services address processing, water treatment, and finished product quality challenges in petroleum refining. We reduce cost by addressing needs and designing, implementing, and monitoring specialty chemical treatment programs that improve profitability and reliability.

Offerings include process emulsion breaking, corrosion, fouling, and foam-control technologies. Plus, we have programs for treating and managing cooling water, boilers, raw water, and wastewater treatment.

Increase value with specialty additives

Our specialty additives increase the value and marketability of crude oils and finished fuels. They reduce operating and maintenance problems caused by metals contamination of heavy fuels used in boiler and GT power generation. We reduce refinery maintenance costs with turnkey process vessel and storage tank cleaning and decontamination services.

Maximize plant operations

We increase plant profitability by improving asset reliability, maximizing capacity utilization, and achieving or maintaining environmental compliance. We also increase energy efficiency, reduce hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas emissions, and lower maintenance and cleaning cost. Other benefits include

  • improving feedstock flexibility
  • extending unit run lengths
  • maximizing throughput and conversion
  • meeting crude oil, intermediate, and finished fuel product specifications.

FLO Pipeline Drag Reducers

Baker Hughes FLO™ drag reducers reduce friction in pipelines carrying crude oil, refined products, water, and multiphase liquids


Cleaning and Degassing

Baker Hughes SMART CLEAN™ decontamination services reduce plant turnaround cost by cleaning and decontaminating process equipment safely, quickly, and effectively.


Opportunity Crude Processing

Our chemical treatment programs and services reduce refinery feedstock cost and improve feedstock selection flexibility.


Utility Boiler and Fired Heaters

Ensure fired heaters and utility boilers can use heavy fuel oil (HFO) without the problems of corrosion or slag-and-ash buildup.


Corrosion Control

Protect critical refinery equipment from high-temperature corrosion and reduce risk in safely processing high-acid crudes.


Desalting Optimization

Our desalter optimization services don’t just focus on your desalter. We consider and treat all components that affect the desalter feed quality to improve crude unit operations.


Fouling Control

Our fouling control programs minimize total fouling cost by avoiding unscheduled production slowdowns or shutdowns and limiting emissions.


Delayed Coker Antifoam

Improve refinery profitability by controlling foam in the coker and reducing silicon contamination in the hydrotreater so you can run an efficient and cost-effective operation.

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