Delayed Coker Antifoam

Increase profit with optimal foam protection and less contamination

The patented Baker Hughes FOAMSTOP™ low-catalyst-impact (LCI) antifoam improves refinery profitability by controlling foam in the coker and reducing silicon contamination in the hydrotreater so you can run an efficient and cost-effective operation.

This antifoam lowers silicon concentration in coker distillate streams, minimizing the cost and frequency of downstream hydrotreater catalyst replacements. This solution quickly knocks down foam in the drum when the silicone oil is first injected and controls foam buildup during and after a drum switch.

The FOAMSTOP LCI antifoam is more thermally stable than traditional antifoams and more effective at lower silicone dosages in the coke drum. The decreased silicone requirement reduces the silicon level in coker distillates, resulting in longer life for the hydrotreater catalysts.

This innovative coker LCI antifoam, which protects your equipment, is compatible with traditional silicone antifoam products so you can use conventional antifoam control feeding and storage equipment. Existing coker antifoam feeding systems do not have to be flushed and cleaned before using our Baker Hughes FOAMSTOP LCI antifoam.

For more information about our FOAMSTOP LCI antifoam, please call us or send us an e-mail.

Fouling Control

Our fouling control programs minimize total fouling cost by avoiding unscheduled production slowdowns or shutdowns and limiting emissions.

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