FLO Pipeline Drag Reducers

Getting your crude to market faster

Reduce drag in pipelines carrying crude oil, refined products, water, and multiphase liquids. FLO™ drag reducers decrease frictional pressure loss to increase throughput and debottleneck pipelines restricted by pump capacity or operating pressure limits.

These drag reducing agents (DRA) use a fast-dissolving, ultrahigh molecular weight copolymer that delivers a high level of pipeline friction reduction. This active polymer dissolves fully in the hydrocarbon fluid and does not coat the pipeline wall or adversely affect the hydrocarbon fluids being treated. 

FLO DRA applications are engineered with Baker Hughes detailed hydraulic expertise and modeling capability to provide the highest inherent drag reduction available. 

Our full line of pipeline friction reducers address a wide range of treatment scenarios and goals and maintain the quality of the pipeline products.

  • FLO XL and FLO MX slurry products provide high drag reduction in crude oil and finished products pipelines.
  • FLO 1020 and FLO XS gel products are cost-effective solutions for pipelines requiring lower levels of drag reduction. They are also ideal when the purity of the treated stream is important; e.g., In NGL, naphtha, and intrarefinery line applications.
  • FLO ADR drag reducers treat aqueous systems and high water cut multiphase systems to achieve similar results to hydrocarbon pipelines.

Successful pipeline drag reduction programs require reliable equipment and support. We meet your needs with an internal equipment design, production, and maintenance and technical personnel  who are strategically located throughout the world.

Increase throughput, optimize power consumption, and debottleneck hydrocarbon pipelines with FLO drag reducer additives.


Drag and friction reduction in pipelines carrying

  • Crude oil
  • Refined products
  • Water
  • Multiphase liquids
  • Heavy, asphaltenic crude

FLO NOW Instant Drag Reduction Services

FLO™ NOW instant drag reduction services enhance product throughput by eliminating residence time in short transfer lines.

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