Drill Bits

Improve drilling economics with exceptional drill bit solutions


PDC Drill Bits

Achieve maximum performance in a defined application.


Tricone Roller Cone Drill Bits

Tricone™ three-cone bit maximizes performance in a defined application. Products include TCI bits and steel tooth bits for the toughest drilling applications.


Hole Enlargement

Our hole enlargement technologies are setting new standards for efficiency with market-leading reliability and operational efficiency in deepwater and onshore well construction.


INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

The INTEQ™ drilling optimization service combines an unparalleled engineering process with certified experts who focus exclusively on improving your drilling performance.


Coring Services

We manufacture our core bits and focus on coring performance, risk mitigation, and core quality.


Hybrid Drill Bit Technology

With the cutting superiority of diamond bits and the rock-crushing strength of roller cones, you can reduce drilling days with smoother, consistent drilling.


DART Drilling Solutions

Baker Hughes DART™ drilling solutions combine engineers, processes, and technology to deliver customized, multidisciplined drilling solutions.

Rotary Steerable Systems

Our rotary steerable and automated systems have precise steering controls for exact wellbore placement to maximize production.

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