SOr Sponge Liner Coring System

Improve core sample quality to make more informed field development decisions

The Baker Hughes SOr™ (saturation oil remaining) sponge liner coring system improves core sample quality to enable more accurate prediction of oil saturation levels and depth in formation rock. Shale oil field operators and operators of conventional and other unconventional oil fields can make more informed field development decisions based on larger volumes of unaltered cores delivered by the SOr system. Additional benefits include lower total data acquisition costs and reduced nonproductive time (NPT).

How the SOr system overcomes traditional sponge coring issues to improve core sampling quality

During core extraction with traditional sponge coring methods, the sponge can be damaged easily. Drilling fluid can invade the sponge, and oil can seep out and down the length of the core, or become lost back into the wellbore or the formation. This can distort the true representation of the relative depth and quantity of oil in the formation. The SOr sponge liner coring system reduces the risk of sponge damage and captures all of the expelled oil as the core is brought to the surface.

  • Assurance that expelled oil is absorbed into the system rather than lost into the formation or the wellbore is achieved by incorporating a molded, oil-absorptive 3½-in. ID sponge liner with protective mesh that forms a close fit between the core and the sponge.
  • Core integrity and protection are ensured during acquisition, surface handling, transportation to the laboratory, and short-term storage through the tight fit between the core and the sponge.
  • A core precisely sized for entry into the sponge liner is ensured by the system’s custom designed, application-specific core bit.

Other key components of the system include:

  • A modified pilot shoe
  • A proprietary pressure-compensating piston design
  • A LaserCut™ aluminum liner system


  • Unconventional oil formations, including shale oil fields
  • Conventional oil formations
  • Enhanced coring operations

SOr Sponge Liner Coring System Delivers Larger Volumes of Unaltered Cores

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