DART Drilling Solutions

Develop solutions for game-changing improvements in drilling performance

Today’s advanced drilling systems use highly specialized, complex BHAs with many components, any of which can cause inconsistent performance or inefficiencies. When there is an issue, finding the root cause can be difficult, but with the right knowledge and combined product and field expertise, the root cause of problems can be identified and addressed.

Baker Hughes DART™ (Drilling Application Review team) drilling solutions are developed by cross-functional teams of highly experienced technical personnel that work in a collaborative working environment to address drilling challenges. Each DART team is assembled with just the right mix of technical experts–bit design engineers, application engineers, field engineers, research and product development engineers, drilling system engineers, materials scientists, and manufacturing engineers–to address the challenges at hand.

After studying the customer’s objectives, each DART team gathers relevant drilling application data, conducts root cause analyses, identifies primary performance limiters, and evaluates possible solutions to provide game-changing improvements in overall performance while minimizing drilling and completion costs and reducing nonproductive time. DART teams combine engineers, processes, and the latest technology to deliver customized, multidisciplined solutions.

As solutions are developed, the knowledge is captured and applied going forward to advance performance in similar situations as part of a continuous improvement process.

Drill Bits

We continuously search for new ways to help you drill deeper and faster. Our R&D commitment to your drill bit success includes a full-scale research rig and downhole simulator.

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