GaugePro Echo On-command Digital Reamer

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Control and confirm reamer operations in real time, eliminate dedicated rathole trips, and improve operational efficiency

The GaugePro™ Echo on-command reamer, the only on-command digital reaming tool in the market, offers a smarter, more reliable hole enlargement solution.

Available for enlargement applications across a wide range of hole sizes, the GaugePro Echo reamer delivers maximum efficiency with minimal risk. Using this, the industry’s only on-command digital reamer, you can:

  • Control and adjust the reamer’s actions continuously with unlimited activations and deactivations.
  • Confirm blade deployment and hole gauge throughout the process without should tests or tripping.
  • Ream the hole to the desired gauge and depth—within 15 ft.
    (4.6 m) of TD—with superior speed, quality, and confidence.

GaugePro echo reamers incorporate unique blade designs to enable upwards reaming and enhance cuttings removal. Reinforced Stabilis™ and polished StaySharp™ cutter technologies improve borehole quality and reaming efficiency.  

For more information on how the new GaugePro Echo on-command digital reamer can help you make time-consuming shoulder tests, long ratholes, and secondary reaming runs a thing of the past, contact a Baker Hughes representative today.

GaugePro Echo On-command Digital Reamer

Your reamer system should help you enlarge your wellbore to the desired diameter with maximum efficiency and reliability. The only problem is most of the conventional systems...

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