GaugePro XPR Expandable Reamer

Improve drilling efficiency with reliable technology

Our GaugePro XPR™ expandable reamer is the one you can count on. This tool does not have the other reamers’ problems of complexity, activation, downhole failures, and vibration/stability dysfunction.

This concentric hole-enlargement technology remains closed until triggered, opens on command, reams an in-gauge hole, and closes and comes out of the hole properly. With the pilot bit design synchronized to the expandable reamer in a fit-for-purpose drilling assembly, you’ll have an exceptional downhole operating environment.

Optimized cutting structure
You can drill and ream simultaneously or enlarge a previously drilled pilot hole. The blade motion—angled radially outward and upward—is a fail-safe measure to ensure cutter blade retraction. The tool has our industry-leading Genesis™ PDC cutters to address the most challenging drilling applications.

GaugePro XPS expandable stabilizer

Better drilling performance
The GaugePro XPS™ expandable stabilizer increases your drilling efficiency with BHA stabilization in the enlarged wellbore. The stabilizer, when run with the expandable reamer, significantly reduces BHA whirl. BHA damage is reduced. This improves the downhole operating environment and your overall performance.

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