RWD2 Ream-While-Drilling

Record faster, cost-effective hole enlargement

Our RWD2™ ream-while-drilling technology is the versatile solution. Regardless of your drilling assembly or the application, this technology enables you to drillout cement and float equipment and drill and ream the remaining interval in one continuous operation. This fixed-blade eccentric reamer tackles the most-demanding applications.

You’ll achieve

  • superior hole quality
  • improved drillout capability
  • unmatched steerability
  • outstanding pilot bit and BHA flexibility.

Higher ROP
Our newest one-piece RWD2X™ eccentric tool set a drilling record in the western US. The eccentric tool drilled 4,507 ft in 24 hr, a US time-and-distance record for a one-piece eccentric tool. Globally, this was also a one-piece eccentric tool record for the operator. In 17 wells and 19 runs, the tool drilled 71,694 ft at average ROP of 81 ft/hr.

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