Kymera FSR Directional Hybrid Drill Bit

Accelerate through curves with smoother, more consistent drilling

The Kymera FSR™ directional hybrid drill bit—designed to be the fastest, most consistent bit in the curve—drills to total depth (TD) with fewer bits, less nonproductive time (NPT), and better overall drilling economics.

Drilling the curve section typically requires two runs with two bits. PDC bits can create reactive torque, sending the BHA off track and contributing to downhole tool failure. Tricone bits are more stable, but also slower. The Kymera FSR bit combines the benefits of both while avoiding their weaknesses. It drills faster, smoother, and more consistently for precise steerability in challenging carbonate formations.

Kymera FSR Directional Hybrid Drill Bit

The new Kymera™ FSR directional hybrid drill bit makes taking curves in challenging carbonates easier and more economical. Designed specifically to conquer hard interbedded rock...

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