Stabilis Reinforced Cutters

Drill farther, longer in challenging PDC drill bit applications

Stabilis™ reinforced cutters from Baker Hughes extend bit life in abrasive and impact-prone applications that tend to increase PDC cutter chipping, spalling, and breakage.

The Stabilis cutter’s novel geometry adds a secondary bevel on the face of the cutter, increasing strength and offering protection against rate of penetration (ROP)-limiting chipping and spalling–extending run lengths beyond what traditional cutters can provide. Stabilis cutters are able to withstand a higher degree of wear and improve torsional stability in interbedded or directional applications. The geometry modification generates a lower and more consistent torque response across changing depths of cuts–resulting in higher ROP and improved overall performance.

With their ability to endure higher loading and mitigate performance-limiting chip and spall events, Stabilis cutters have set new performance benchmarks in the most challenging applications.

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