Talon 3D Vector-Accurate PDC Bits

Improve directional drilling control and performance in unconventional plays

The Talon™ 3D high-efficiency, vector-accurate PDC bit from Baker Hughes improves rates of penetration (ROP), drilling efficiency, and directional control in unconventional formations. The one-piece steel frame increases hydraulic and mechanical efficiency, while its short bit-to-bend dimension delivers better buildup rate aggressiveness with longer life.

The DART process maximizes drilling efficiency 

Talon 3D drill bit designs begin with the Baker Hughes DART™ drilling application review process. Cross-functional teams of highly experienced technical personnel work in a collaborative, learning environment to meet the required drilling objectives by combining new and existing technologies that result in innovative designs to deliver exactly the right drill bit for your specific application. Each DART team gathers relevant drilling application data, conducts root cause analyses, identifies the primary performance limiters, and evaluates possible solutions for game-changing improvements in overall performance, while minimizing drilling and completion costs and reducing nonproductive time.

Reduce days on well

Talon 3D bits are designed to improve hydraulic efficiency even in low-horsepower per square inch (HSI) applications. These designs improve large-volume cuttings removal while the StaySharp™ polished cutters reduce cuttings size and balling to heighten evacuation efficiency. Application-specific bit profiles, gauge designs, and cutting structures improve mechanical efficiency and durability—factors that boost ROP and run life.

Increase directional control

Concentrated center aggressiveness features help you to quickly and accurately handle most directional needs, striking a balance between radial-to-axial forces imposed by the bottomhole assembly during drilling.

The short bit-to-bend dimension improves directional control on conventional and rotary steerable assemblies, which improves steerability and buildup to ensure peak performance, getting through laterals and into the pay zone with exceptional speed.

Maximize run life

Talon 3D drill bits are engineered and manufactured to endure the most challenging drilling environments. Every bit uses the new Baker Hughes StayTough™ hardfacing, which combines advanced metallurgy with exacting welding procedures to provide maximum durability.

This proprietary hardfacing reduces bit erosion and prevents damage to the bit body from rock formations and debris. Improved run life helps operators redefine traditional interval well construction plans by drilling curve and lateral sections faster, more reliably, and with fewer bits. The use of proprietary high-alloy steel also increases bit integrity and reliability.

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

The AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system provides fewer days on well, exact wellbore placement, and faster landing drilling in unconventional plays.

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