Talon Platform of High-Efficiency PDC Drill Bits

Optimize drilling performance with improved durability and ROP

The Talon™ platform of PDC bits reliably and consistently perform in virtually any environment while giving you superior directional control, longer run life, improved rates of penetration (ROP), and enhanced durability and drilling efficiency. Innovative Talon bits include the industry’s most advanced mechanical and hydraulic designs, uniquely shaped and positioned blades, and application-specific polished diamond cutters.

The DART process maximizes drilling efficiency 

Talon drill bit designs begin with the Baker Hughes DART™ drilling application review process. Cross-functional teams of highly experienced technical personnel work in a collaborative, learning environment to meet the required drilling objectives by combining new and existing technologies that result in innovative designs to deliver exactly the right drill bit for your specific application. Each DART team gathers relevant drilling application data, conducts root cause analyses, identifies the primary performance limiters, and evaluates possible solutions for game-changing improvements in overall performance, while minimizing drilling and completion costs and reducing nonproductive time.

Bit designs for every drilling need

The Talon platform of bits consists of the Talon bit, the Talon 3D bit, and the AutoTrak™ Curve system bit:

  • Talon high-efficiency PDC bits provide optimal performance in first-bit-under-the-surface, intermediate, vertical, near-vertical drilling, and hard-to-drill and abrasive applications.  
  • Talon 3D vector-accurate bits extend this outstanding performance to unconventional gas applications, including shale plays, and are ideal for conventional directional drilling. The bit’s one-piece steel body with a short bit-to-bend dimension allows greater buildup aggressiveness and longer life.
  • Providing extra versatility, Talon bits are fully compatible with the Baker Hughes AutoTrak Curve rotary steerable system. Working together, these two solutions meet the challenges of drilling unconventional plays with exceptional accuracy, reliability, and speed. 

Stay in the hole longer with new StaySharp cutters

All Talon PDC bits include Baker Hughes StaySharp™ premium cutters with sophisticated diamond technology and patented polished faces. The innovative extra-tough design of this propriety technology is exceptionally erosion and chip resistant, which helps the bit stay sharper, maximize run life, and deliver higher ROP, improved run life, and lower cost per foot. The StaySharp cutters also decrease friction, which reduces heat buildup on the cutter face to further minimize wear. Polished cutters also generate smaller cuttings, which aid in overall cutting evacuation.

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