Talon Select Adjustable PDC Drill Bits

Select interchangeable ovoids to deliver more efficient drilling

The Talon™ Select adjustable PDC drill bit brings adaptability to the field by putting torsional and aggressiveness control in the hands of the operator.

This adaptable depth-of-cut control with interchangeable ovoids allows bit responsiveness to be fine-tuned at the rigsite. With assistance from a Baker Hughes representative, aggressiveness and torsional stability can be adjusted so you can get through the formation and reach total depth more efficiently.

Paired with the advanced hydraulic, mechanical, and cutting efficiencies of the Talon platform of PDC bits, the Talon Select PDC bit offers even more consistent efficiency in directional and unconventional applications.

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

The AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system provides fewer days on well, exact wellbore placement, and faster landing drilling in unconventional plays.

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